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Summer Q&A: Leon Washington


This is the last in a series of quick-hitting question-and-answer sessions with New York Jets players that has been running the past several weeks as we head toward training camp. Today: the Jets' returning rushing leader, second-year man Leon Washington:

How did you end up with uniform No. 29 on the Jets?

My birthday's Aug. 29. I couldn't get 3 because you can't wear single digits like in college, so I chose 29.

How do you think the Jets' tailback combination of yourself and Thomas Jones compares to the Florida State tandem of you and current Dolphins back Lorenzo Booker?

I don't want to do any comparisons. Me, Thomas, along with Ced [Cedric Houston], all of us are going to try to give our team the best chance to win.

Which NFL running back would you most like to emulate?

A lot of people would say LaDainian Tomlinson right now. He's probably one of the more premier backs in the league. He's a great back out of the backfield. He catches the ball well, he runs the ball really well, and the way he carries himself as a professional, that's what most guys try to emulate.

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