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Summer Q&A: Bender, Wicker

This is one in a series of quick-hitting question-and-answer sessions with New York Jets players that will run occasionally during the next several weeks as we head toward training camp. Today: Rookie offensive linemen Jacob Bender and Andrew Wicker:


At 6'6" and 315 pounds, have you ever played quarterback?

I've never had any experience playing quarterback except playing backyard football just messing around.

How did you end up with uniform No. 72?

On draft day, they transferred me to the equipment manager, Gus [Granneman]. He said, "I've got a few numbers available." It was a choice between 70 and 72 and I had my family standing around and I said to them, "Hey, 70 or 72?" and they all said 72, so I went with 72.

What's been the hardest part so far about being an NFL rookie?

I'd say acclimating to the amount of information they give you, how fast you've got to learn it. But I've been doing good with it.


What will you be doing in the few weeks remaining before the start of training camp?

I'm going to go home and get some of my mom's good cooking. And I'm going to stay working out. You can't slack. This is our job. I'm going to go and see the family and friends I love dearly and enjoy the time I have with them and get my mind ready for this training camp that is coming up.

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