STEVE-O: Sanchez and the Day That Was

Draft, day one ... short and sweet. I can't believe I bought a PSP to kill time for what was sure to be a long day. I didn't even get to create my own player on MLB The Show before we started hearing rumblings the Jets were moving up in the draft.

At first, we heard it was a deal with the Jags at eight if Mark Sanchez was there. But because that was so public, the Redskins could've jumped in front of the Jets to take him if they wanted to mortgage their future. But just as I was complimenting Daily News Jets beatwriter Rich Cimini for predicting three of the top four picks correct, the buzz surrounding the Browns making a trade with the Jets started.

It escalated quickly. I mean, within a matter of 30 seconds from the time a trade was reported, cameraman Mike Kenney and I busted out of the press room running to the auditorium. Woody Johnson was about announce the pick to an audience of suite holders and club seat owners in the new stadium before the commish read it to the world.

We arrived just before the Jets owner and just in time to get the shot of the fans explosion when he made the call. This might be bigger than Brett Favre. You knew Favre was only going to be a one-year addition. This is a franchise QB the Jets believed in from the first time they saw him.

All of a sudden, the Jets season just got a lot more interesting. Remember when the Browns drafted Brady Quinn? Derek Anderson blew up that year and gave that team a great problem to have. Who knows? Maybe everything clicks for Kellen Clemens this year and he lights it up, never giving Sanchez a chance to start.

Funny thing is, Jets fans can thank Eric Mangini for this deal. Had he not been fired and taken the job at Cleveland, the Jets might not have gotten Sanchez. They were perfect trade partners because Mangini needed certain players familiar with the 3-4 defense he and Rob Ryan (Rex's brother) are going to run.

The Jets swap players for the pick, the Browns get players familiar with the defense and the Jets get a franchise QB ... who will be making a ton of money.

I asked Calvin Pace how the California Kid with the big paychecks ahead would be welcomed. He joked that he expects the rookie to buy dinner for the entire team ... on every road trip!

I expect day two to be just as fun. We'll be out there early in the morning and I promise to update my Twitter page often ...

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