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Real Football Scouting Report: The Wide Receivers


Real Football Scouting Report: The Wide Receivers

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Laveranues Coles is a versatile receiver who can line up outside or in the slot. He has excellent speed and quickness and displays good hands. Coles has shown the ability to make the tough catch and is not afraid to go over the middle or make plays in traffic. He is at his best running crossing routes and skinny posts and will find the open areas against zone coverage.

Justin McCareins has an ideal height-weight-speed combination for the receiver position. He has good quickness and shows a strong burst off the line of scrimmage. He has the strength to drive defenders off the line, has the leaping ability to win on jump balls, and has the vertical speed to stretch the field when asked. McCareins catches the ball with his hands and is beginning to make better use of his body to shield defenders from the ball in traffic.

Jerricho Cotchery
Cotchery shows excellent quickness, runs smooth routes, and shows good burst in and out of his cuts. He has good start and stop running ability. He shows excellent body control and is a willing receiver in traffic. Cotchery has all the physical tools to develop into a starting caliber NFL receiver, and his toughness and work ethic will appeal to the Jets new coaching staff.

Tim Dwight
Dwight is a tough, wily veteran who plays at full speed all the time. Though he lacks ideal size, his speed and quickness make him a threat every time he touches the ball. Dwight is a versatile player who can stretch the field as a receiver, use his speed as a runner on reverses and gimmick plays, and is still a dangerous returner.

Jovan Witherspoon
Witherspoon has very good height and bulk for the position. He has good hands and can pluck the ball on the run. He is young and still needs to improve his speed and improve his route running skills to stick as an NFL player.

Dante Ridgeway
A possession receiver, Ridgeway uses his size and strength to get a strong releases off the line of scrimmage. He has good hands and can catch the ball outside the frame of his body. Ridgeway is a smart player who runs good routes and has the running ability to make yards after the catch.

Brad Smith
It will take some time for Smith, a college QB, to make the transition to NFL wide receiver, but he has tremendous physical tools and outstanding athletic ability that will help him in that regard. He has good size, shows excellent quickness and burst, and gets to full speed quickly. Once he learns the pro style offense and the details of the position, like route running and body positioning, he has the ability to make plays anywhere on the field.

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