Q&A with Jets OL Cameron Clark: On His Love for Music and More

Jets Rookie Offensive Lineman Won Offensive Team MVP at Charlotte as a Sophomore


Throughout the summer, the Jets' editorial staff will take a deeper dive into the personalities, interests and lives of players off the field. This series serves as a gateway for fans to get to know the players on the Green & White. We continue with rookie offensive lineman Cameron Clark.

What is your music tradition on game day?
First, I always listen to gospel music. Leading up to the game, I have my headphones in every chance I get. As soon as I wake up, I listen to gospel. Then I play I'm the Man by Aloe Blacc right until the bus pulls up to the stadium because I remember Kevin Garnett had a commercial like that. That puts me in my zone. Then I turn on my turn-up playlist as soon as the bus stops.

What are your hobbies outside of football and music?
If it's not football or music, I'm just hanging out with my friends or with my sister. I would just say spending quality time with people I enjoy being around.

Did you play any instruments growing up, and what inspired you to love music?
I played guitar and piano in middle school. My middle school offered it, so I did it, but if I had to play it now, I wouldn't know how to. My dad was always playing music when I was growing up. Music has always been big to me ever since I was in elementary school. I remember my first two CDs. I remember all of those things because when I was younger, I had a CD player, an MP3 and an iPod. I was always listening to music and my dad was big on it. That's definitely where I get my love for music from.

You were named Offensive Team MVP as a sophomore at Charlotte. What did that mean to you?
You can see I started smiling, but it meant the world to me because I didn't even start that year. We had a little thing with the senior guys where they would start and I would come in and play some snaps. Eventually, I believe it was the fourth game of the season, I earned that starting spot. Coming off an eight-start season after starting off as a second-string guy, I was disappointed because I felt like I had earned a right to be a starter on the offensive line. It was the validation that I needed to keep going and doing the right thing. That was my first taste of success in college and it was definitely extremely sweet. I remember praying in my car afterwards thanking God because I had never seen myself as that. It meant the world to me.

What are some of your rookie goals?
I just want to come in and have a positive impact on the locker room, whichever way I can fit in and whichever way the team needs me. I'm a rookie so it's kind of one of those things where you want to be seen and not heard. I want to come in and make a good impression on the bench, show them that I work hard and really just introduce them to who I am as a person. I want to let them learn me and not really say who I am but show them who I am through my actions. I want to be a good teammate.

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