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New Stadium Sights: Food Trucks, Snoopy, Solar Ring

Jets fans entering the MetLife Stadium grounds for Saturday night's preseason home opener against the Giants will notice a few new additions to the Green & White gameday landscape.

The first will be noticeable on the stadium's Inner Loop Roadway between the Pepsi and MetLife gates. That's where three food trucks will set up shop to provide hungry fans and tailgaters a different taste than perhaps they'd been used to in the hours before kickoff.

This week the trucks will be representing Nuchas Empanadas, Kelvin Natural Slush, and Rickshaw Dumpling.

These three trucks are the advance wave of trucks that will be making appearances on the Inner Loop Roadway before Jets games all season. In the coming weeks look for trucks from Wafels & Dinges, Kimchi Taco, Schnitzel & Things, and Mexicue.

High-Five Snoopy

The second MetLife Bowl will be presented to the winner of tomorrow's Jets-Giants game, and the bowl and the stadium now have been augmented by a larger-than-life-size icon. An eight-foot-tall bronze Snoopy statue is now positioned at the West Gate entrance, depicting the beloved Peanuts character in football gear, arm outstretched, running the ball.

The Jets and MetLife are encouraging football fans entering the stadium to symbolically wish their team good luck before the start of every game by meeting in front of the statue before games and giving Snoopy a good-luck high-five before entering the stadium. Be a part of building a new, fun fan tradition tonight.

Solar Ring

Finally, you no doubt have heard about a halftime unveiling that will change the look of MetLife Stadium in a colorful way. That's when Jets legends Joe Klecko and Wayne Chrebet will be on field along with NRG Solar president Tom Doyle to "flip the switch" to launch NRG's Solar Ring around the rim of the stadium.

The Solar Ring is a custom solar-power generating system that will bring a dramatic visual element to the stadium experience, encircling the rooftop with integrated LED lighting. The ring will then be able to display team colors plus an array of additional hues.

The ring is made up of 1,356 solar panels, assembled into 47 modules and installed at the top level of the stadium, where they are bolted into a steel superstructure that also provides shelter from rain and snow. If placed end to end, the 916 fixtures comprising the LED light array would extend for almost a mile. Power generated by the panels is 25 times the amount needed for the ring's LED lights — excess generation that can serve overall power needs at the stadium.

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