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Missant Diary - 04-14-06

Frankfurt Galaxy offensive lineman Charles Missant has been allocated to NFL Europe from the New York Jets. Missant will keep a weekly NFL Europe Diary through the season for This week the Galaxy starting center looks back at the team's Week Four victory over Cologne and hopes to help the Galaxy stay on a winning run.

We are just coming off of a win against Cologne, and I thought it went really well. It was nice to get a win at home, and that puts us at 2-0 at home now. Our stadium has proved to be a really great place to play. Loud stadium, loud fans, and fortunately we were able to pull out a 21-14 victory.

We had a great week of practices last week. I have to give all the credit to the coaches, especially our offensive line coach Whitey Jordan. He's a constant technician and film studier, and he always puts the offensive line in the best position to pick up all of the blitzes, be in the right schemes, and do the right things in terms of helping the run. Roger 'Rabbit' (Robinson) had another great game with 128 yards, which really makes us feel good. The quarterbacks played great, and Walter Young and Aaron Hosack had great games receiving. The defense played well, holding Cologne back a couple of times when we needed to hold them off. Collectively, I thought that we played well. The great week of practice really correlated onto the field.

I traveled to Munich this past weekend, which was really cool. I went with Aaron Hosack and his girlfriend, my girlfriend Casey, and Aaron Hosack's parents. We had a great time. Munich is a beautiful city with great churches, beautiful buildings, and lots to see. Munich is where they hold Oktoberfest each year, and we went to the original bar where they hold Oktoberfest each year. The place is called Hofbräuhaus, and it is quite a scene. It's a huge hall with German music and so much history. They only serve beer in the liter mugs, so you can't get anything smaller than a liter. It was fantastic.

The really cool thing about coming over here to play football is obviously we get a chance to get some game film and do well for our teams here and back home, but it's also an opportunity to travel and see some of the beautiful landmarks that this country has to offer. Since I've gotten here, the food has been great, the people have been great, and I've had a great time traveling around and experiencing new things. If anyone ever gets the chance to come over to Europe and travel around, I would highly recommend it. It's something that everyone should see in his or her lifetime, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience it firsthand.

Coming up this week, we play the Hamburg Sea Devils for a second time. It should be a good game. We've had a good week of practice. As you know, we beat them the last time we played them, but that doesn't mean anything in this league. I'm sure they will be prepared to play us. We're looking forward, as a team, to going up there and doing well. We get to ride on a first class train about four hours north, so that should be exciting. I'm looking forward to the trip, and I also look forward to keeping you guys updated. See you all next week!

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