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Message Boards Are Set to Kick Off

Just a few hours after the Jets and the Broncos finish up at the Meadowlands, * *will introduce message boards for our fans. Our site is constantly evolving and this community feature will give fans another reason to visit and take ownership.

* *is intended for the entire family and that will not change in the future. We are excited to view some of your opinions and interchanges as we head down the stretch of this memorable season.

You are encouraged to visit the boards on Monday, Dec. 1, and browse through threads or post your own messages. These boards will not be replacing the comments feature of Randy's Radar, but fans may find they prefer commenting on either the Radar or the message boards, or on both.

We strongly urge you to visit our Terms of Use pages (especially the Prohibited User Content and/or Activity Chat Rooms, Forums, Message Boards, and Blog Services sections) and read them over carefully before logging on the boards.

The use of is subject to Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy). If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use the site. Your use of this site indicates your acceptance of these terms. Fans have the ability to police themselves through flagging, and misbehavior will be reported. The team also has assembled a strong group of moderators as we kick off this new feature.

We have high expectations for this new feature. We hope you enjoy the feature as well. Kickoff is Monday!

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