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Marshall: Jets Offense Is Better This Year

Pro Bowl Receiver Says QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Looking Really Good


What if someone told you an offense that ranked 10th in the NFL, which produced a franchise record in total yards, could be even better in 2016?

For wide receiver Brandon Marshall, that's the case.

"Definitely," he said when asked if the offense has room to improve. "When you talk about controlling the tempo of the game, understanding situational football and being able to capitalize on that moment, I think we left a lot out there when it came to two-minute and even the in the red zone. We were really efficient, one of the better teams in the red zone, but I think we were successful in spite of ourselves."

The Jets finished third in the league in red zone offense, finding the end zone on 66% of their trips inside the 20. Marshall and receiving counterpart Eric Decker are two of the most prolific threats in the red area, leading the NFL with 32 and 31 red zone touchdowns respectively since 2012.

"One thing I love about our offense in the way that we're built is that we take what the defense gives us," said. the 6'4", 225-pound Marshall "If they're going to double myself and Deck, then we're going to run the ball. And if they're going to stop those guys, we'll pass the ball. It's simple football. We just have to be prepared and ready for that moment." 

Any talented unit requires a good commander and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick fits the bill. He has the trust of his teammates, the knowledge of Chain Gailey's system and like a fine wine, he improves with age. Fitzpatrick posted career numbers last year with 31 touchdowns and 3,905 passing yards. 

"I actually think he's better this year," Marshall said. "He's throwing the ball better, with more velocity and deeper. He seems comfortable back there. He's looking really good right now, it's impressive."

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