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Mangold Gets 'Animated' in Nicktoons Cameo

Well-Dressed Jets Center Plays a Key Adviser in NFL RUSH ZONE: Draft Special


Cartoon center Nick Mangold, looking as spiffy as real-life Nick Mangold would look on a celebrity fashion show catwalk, makes an appearance Wednesday night on an all-new NFL RUSH ZONE: Draft Special on Nicktoons.

Mangold and the Jets will actually be featured in episodes 311/312 of the animated series with the NFL theme. The episodes will feature the Guardians teaming up with Mangold in his cameo role to battle evil villains Sudden Death and the Anticorians at the NFL Draft in an adventure that takes them into space and back.

Kansas City's Eric Fisher, Washington's Robert Griffin III and former players Cris Collinsworth and Michael Irvin will also make animated cameos in this episode.

Young Jets fans and members of their family may want to check out Nick Mangold in these episodes, which will premiere on Nicktoons at 8:30 p.m. ET tonight leading into the NFL Draft weekend (with a number of encores throughout the week on Nicktoons) and will re-air on NFL Network on Saturday, May 17, at 8 a.m. ET.

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