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Mangold: 'All Around a Good Game to Be Part Of'


Several Jets players spoke with reporters on conference calls on Monday afternoon after their return to the East Coast. Though it was bittersweet reflecting on the loss of RB Leon Washington, triumph resounded in their voices as they talked about essentially imposing their will in the 38-0 victory over the Raiders.

"It was fun being able to go out there and do what you wanted to do and it didn't matter what was called, what they came with. We were able to do what we wanted," said center Nick Mangold. "That's a great feeling, especially added to the fact that your defense played an outstanding game. When they give you the ball on or around the 4-yard line twice, it can set up points. I think that was all around a good game to be a part of."

The front five didn't allow any sacks (although the Raiders were credited with one as a team when QB Mark Sanchez fumbled and recovered in the fourth quarter) to a front seven that many Jets said was among the best in the league.

Head coach Rex Ryan talked about focusing on the game at hand, and that's what the Jets did. On Week 7 they went undefeated, 1-0 for those seven days.

"We needed to get the win," said LB Calvin Pace who jumpstarted the offense with a strip-sack on the first Raiders possession to give the Jets O a very short field. "We needed that just to move forward with our season. After the Buffalo loss, everything was about taking one game at a time. We did that with the Raiders game and now we have to move forward to Miami."

CB Darrelle Revis grabbed maybe the most acrobatic interception of his career in the first quarter when he leaped up to snatch Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell's pass out of the air and prevent it from falling into the arms of WR Todd Watkins in the end zone.

"It was just something that I went up and tried to make the play," Revis said. "Actually, I thought the ball was going to be a little overthrown. When I was running, it kind of looked like that. And then it started sailing a little bit short and I tried to jump up and make a play."

When the Jets start watching video of the Dolphins, they won't have to go too far back since they played just three games ago at Land Shark Stadium. The memory of the 31-27 loss to the 'Fins is fresh in their minds, too, especially Revis, who was admittedly beaten on a 53-yard fourth quarter TD reception by Dolphins WR Ted Ginn.

"I'm looking forward to it. That's just something for me personally. I have a bad taste in my mouth. I know this team does as well, as a whole," he said. "It's going to be great competition and he's a good receiver. I know him personally. This is just something where I have to get my gift back on him and move forward."

And this time they get to play in front of the Jets' faithful at the Meadowlands.

"It's going to be great to go back home," said Mangold. "Going out to the West Coast was a great trip and it's a good thing that we did what we did because it will make going home that much sweeter, especially having Miami here. I know the Jets fans are passionate when we play Miami and I'm excited to use that game, that win, as a springboard going into this game against a division foe."

"They handled us really well. The Wildcat is crazy. There's a lot of things that go on in that backfield and you have to be very disciplined," said Revis. "I'm sure the coaches are going to do a good job this week to prepare us the best that we can to get this victory on Sunday."

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