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MANDISA: Now On to an Exciting Year Ahead


Mandisa Photos 2008

Hey, Jets fans, it's Mandisa from the Flight Crew! Wow, I can't believe how fast our season flew by! It seems like training camp was only yesterday, and now here we are at the end of yet another exciting year for the Flight Crew!

The end of our season was filled with much excitement with promotions, practices, gamedays, our first Pro Bowl fan vote and our first military tour! I also had the opportunity to visit troops, along with three other Flight Crew members, in Seattle, Wash. Having the chance to meet our troops was a rewarding experience, especially right before the holidays!

And I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season! I actually spent Christmas day catching up on much needed sleep due to my recent trip and the time difference! When I finally woke up, I spent the rest of the day with my family and, of course, eating! Nothing beats a home-cooked meal at mom's house!

Afterwards my sister and I organized clothes that we'd gathered from friends and family in order to donate to the local shelter, which we did the following day. My mom always reminds to give back, especially during the holiday season.

Any New Year's Eve plans? I spent mine in my favorite city — New York City, of course! There's no better place to be on NYE with all the excitement the city brings! My sister also joined me and I was super-excited because it was her first New Year's in New York City and I couldn't wait to show her around!

I don't typically make New Year's resolutions. Instead, I make goals. I've realized that I rarely stick to resolutions that I've made in the past (eat less French fries, etc.) so I make goals that I believe are long-term and can be achieved. So I'll let you in on one of my goals: I want to apply for graduate school by the end of 2009. OK, that's all you get!

During the off-season, I still plan to keep up with my workout and diet regimen. As an FC member, it's still important to maintain our image throughout the year, especially if we plan on returning next season. Just because we're not performing on Sundays anymore does not mean we're off the hook! So I'll spend the next few months prepping myself for our auditions, which will come during the spring of 2009!

Well, I'm off now but before I go, I would like to thank our fans for a great year! The Flight Crew would not have had a great season if it wasn't for your continuous support! JETS fans are truly awesome! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Best wishes in 2009!

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