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LAURA V: An Off-Season Program for You


Laura V Photos 2008

Hey Jets fans, its Laura V from the Flight Crew!

I can't believe the season is over already. Time just flew by! However, being a Flight Crew member, my job does not end in January. I have to keep myself educated about what is going on with the Jets even in the off-season and maintain a strong, healthy body. In order to do this, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. I am always in shape when I am a Flight Crew member — you have to be.

Ladies, this goes out to you: Here are some health and beauty tips I would like to share.

You should always keep active and eat smart, but it takes discipline. You don't need to work out with a trainer to get the body that you are comfortable with. Remember, we are all unique. You have to combine a healthy diet with a fun workout!

For example, if you know you are going to be chatting on the phone, hop on the treadmill and before you know it, you've burned calories! Another way to enjoy working out is to either work out with a friend or switch up your workouts with exercises such as dancing or kickboxing. Once you start to see results in your body, it just becomes a way of life and keeps you motivated on working hard.

Now for some diet tips: Eat nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables throughout the day. They will fill you up with vitamins and minerals while containing low calories. Allow yourself two snacks a day consisting of a protein bar or a Special K bar. These are good to snack on when your body needs a little extra fuel.

For dinner, fish and/or chicken is a healthy and satisfying way to go. Remember, by using a small plate it makes you look like you are consuming more. Along with drinking plenty of water, I personally drink whole milk because it's important to incorporate some fat into your diet to keep your hair and skin healthy.

Moving on to skin and hair: Start with a mild exfoliation on your face daily, followed once a week by an all-natural mask. I use one consisting of whipped egg whites. Of course, nourish your skin by moisturizing your face and your entire body, preferably with a lotion containing sun screen. In order to get that "sun-kissed glow," use a slightly golden foundation, add shimmer powder to your cheekbones and finish it off with a light color lip gloss, because remember … less is more!!

Remember, girls, all of this means nothing if you don't let your inner beauty shine through!! Always have a positive attitude and don't be afraid to just simply be yourselves.

Can't wait to see all of you Jets next season. I am looking forward to a great year !!!


Laura V

*Laura V is one of the participants in's "Pick the Hottest Cheerleader in the NFL" bracket contest. *You can vote for Laura here.

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