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Jets-Ravens Postgame Quotes: Offense

Full Quotes from Quincy Enunwa, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Forté, Brandon Marshall and Geno Smith


WR Quincy Enunwa

"We had a great game-plan. We made plays, and that was the one thing that has been missing."

[Quincy Enunwa Transcript
](/assets/docs/2016/Postgame Quotes/102416-Ravens/EnunwaQuincy10-23.pdf)

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
"We got a great effort by the defense. The turnovers were awesome. We did a good job controlling the line of scrimmage and I thought Matt (Forté) did a good of running the ball."

[Ryan Fitzpatrick Transcript
](/assets/docs/2016/Postgame Quotes/102416-Ravens/FitzpatrickRyan10-23.pdf)

RB Matt Forte
"I'm just trying to get positive yards, keep the chains moving, score touchdowns so we can score points and let our defense do what they do."

[Matt Forté Transcript
](/assets/docs/2016/Postgame Quotes/102416-Ravens/ForteMatt10-23.pdf)

WR Brandon Marshall
"We're taking it one game at a time. That's all we can do. We have to enjoy this win. It's hard to win in the National Football League, no matter who you are or where you are at. We're going to enjoy it and move forward."

QB Geno Smith
"Obviously we've got a long ways to go and this is just one game. We've got to move on quickly and get ready for Cleveland."

[Geno Smith Transcript
](/assets/docs/2016/Postgame Quotes/102416-Ravens/SmithGeno10-23.pdf)

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