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Jets Have a Roster with Familiar Names

Two Wilsons, Two Carters, Two Williams (and More) 


For the Jets, the game inside the game is really "The Name Game."

With the drafting last week of Iowa State running back Breece Hall, it dawned on many that the Jets have a surprising number of players with the same, or similar names. Surnames and given names. And more.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary calls two words that look and/or sound exactly alike homonyms.

So, for example, the Jets now have RB Breece Hall and CB Bryce Hall, a kind of double match.

The Jets have two Wilsons -- Zach and Garrett, a pair more likely to morph into Wilson & Wilson LLC as the second-year QB and the rookie WR (the No. 10 draft pick overall in last week's NFL Draft) embark on what the organization hopes is a long and productive relationship.

The Jets have two Michael Carters, each entering their second seasons in the NFL, one a running back, one a cornerback. They're kind of old news, having been drafted by GM Joe Douglas in 2021.

We give you the Williams brothers, DL Quinnen and LB Quincy. May the Q's be with you.

The players whose given names are from the Bible -- OG Alijah Vera-Tucker, WR Elijah Moore and S Elijah Riley. Going back to the Bible, we have DEs Solomon Thomas and Jacob Martin.

And the Johnsons, RB Ty Johnson and DE Jermaine Johnson, drafted in the first round out of Florida State, No. 26 overall.

More? WR Corey and S Ashtyn Davis, C Connor McGovern and OL Conor McDermott, QB Mike White and S Javin White.

Not to be ignored are LB C.J. Mosley and TE C.J. Uzomah. For Mosley, the initials aren't entirely accurate because his full name is Clint Mosley Jr., so we get C.J. In the case of Uzomah, the letters stand for Christopher James.

So what's in a name?

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