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Jets Announce Razom for Ukraine as Next Recipient of $100,000 for Ukrainian Relief Efforts

Part of $1,000,000 Commitment Announced in April from the Jets


The New York Jets have committed $1 million in donations to help aid the people of Ukraine. The donation will be split between various organizations, each receiving $100,000, over the course of a year. This month, the donation will benefit Razom for Ukraine. A $100,000 donation was given to Plast Scouting in April.

Razom, which means "together" in Ukrainian, initiates short and long-term projects and collaborates on existing projects with partner organizations on the ground in Ukraine, all with the mission of building a more prosperous Ukraine. Razom took action via its Emergency Response project to provide urgent help and support in face of an extreme or unforeseen situation in Ukraine. Razom provides critical humanitarian war relief and recovery on the ground depending on the most urgent needs as they evolve, with the mission of saving as many Ukrainian lives as possible.

"We are thrilled and incredibly grateful to be chosen as one of the organizations to receive a generous donation from our friends at the New York Jets. To see the New York Jets committing to help Ukrainian people is heartwarming, and we thank them for their support. Donations and commitments like one from such a well-known NFL franchise such as the New York Jets are special and important as they help spread awareness of what is occurring in Ukraine and the urgent need for help, so we can continue our critical mission via our emergency response to save lives in Ukraine," said Dora Chomiak, President of Razom.

The events in Ukraine are personal to the Johnson family and the New York Jets. Suzanne Johnson, wife of Mr. Johnson, grew up in a Ukrainian neighborhood in New York and is from a family of immigrants. Her mother, Marie, was born to Ukrainian immigrant parents while her father, Stefan Ircha, is from Ternopil, a town outside of Kyiv, and immigrated to the United States after WWII. 

In addition to a monetary donation, the Jets organized an opportunity for staff to donate medical supplies to help aid relief efforts. The organization will match all donated supplies in an extended effort to assist victims and their families.

For more information on the cause and the charitable organizations that have received the donations, please visit

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