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Jenkins Will Conduct Some 'Sports Science'


Jets Pro Bowl nose tackle Kris Jenkins can cook and cha-cha and conversate. On, yeah, and he can pack a punch. We've gotten word that the sudden impact part of Big Jenk's game will be on display Sunday night on the new season of Fox Sports Network's "Sports Science" series.

Jenkins will be one of the performers on the show that asks and attempts to answer the question "Who Hits the Hardest in Sports?" He'll give an idea of what the average human would feel if he or she were hit by a Pro Bowl defensive lineman.

The Jenkins segment is one of several that will explore the theme. Here is Fox's description of the show:

"If earth-shaking collisions of men and machine gets your blood pumping, then Sport Science: Sudden Impact is for you. And this week's episode has it all. A devastating Rampage Jackson uppercut to the jaw. A bone-shattering NFL blindside hit on the quarterback. A brain-rattling head-to-head collision in the outfield. A thunderous NHL check into the glass. It's colossal impact after colossal impact. But which hits the hardest and which does the most damage to the human body? In our high-tech sports lab, we will break them all down to find out. Because whether it's on the playing field or in a cage, there's nothing like a vicious impact to make a sports fan jump out of their seat and gasp in awe."

Sounds violent, which is right up the alley of Jets head coach Rex Ryan and new LB signee Bart Scott. Perhaps the Food Network can piggyback with an episode of "Glutton for Punishment" in which Jenkins shows Bob Blumer how to prepare some tasty chicken soup to help the people he suddenly impacts to get back on their feet.

"Sports Science" is set to air on selected Fox Sports Network channels Sunday at 9 p.m.

Update:We've been informed this weekend that "Sports Science" will be show on Fox Sports New York, MSG Network and other cable providers in the New York market, at 6 p.m. tonight, not 9 p.m. as stated in the paragraph above.

Draft "Confidential"

My good friend Dan Leberfeld has put together another draft preview edition of Jets Confidential. I know how much Dan sweats the details, whether it's assembling this special issue of his newspaper or talking about the Jets and the NFL on his Sirius NFL Radio shows. He tells me this issue is jam-packed with draft information and his patented "Jets Whispers."

You can find Jets Confidential on your favorite sports newsstands and for more information about JC you can call 1-877-JET-NEWS.

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