Help Jets Fan Allan Zeman Score a Touchdown for the Green and White


Lessons Learned: Tale of How A Retired NYC Schoolteacher and Jets Fan Became A Finalist in The NFL's Super Bowl Ad Competition





As a retired public school teacher and Jets fan who spent his career teaching in the Bronx, Allan Zeman taught his students more than just Grammar and Arithmetic. He tried to instill in them good values, self confidence and the tools necessary to accept challenges and overcome adversity.

But, several weeks ago when the alarm clock rang signaling that it was time for him to get up and make his way to the Meadowlands where he would present his Super Bowl ad idea to a roomful of judges, Allan nearly crawled back into bed. One million excuses for why he shouldn't seize the opportunity raced through his mind.

But, lucky for Allan, a lifelong football fan who inherited 50 yard line seats for the Jets when he married his wife, he overcame his own fears and made his way to the Meadowlands where he impressed the judges enough to become a top 12 finalist in the NFL's "Pitch Us Your Idea for the Best NFL Super Bowl Commercial Ever. Seriously." contest.

His idea – which centers on a class full of students who want a homework extension so that they can watch the Super Bowl – is a concept that hits close to home. Though the storyline is not based on any one incident, the scenario is certainly not a stretch of the imagination. Neither are the lessons he touts in the commercial: patriotism, racial equality and fan appreciation.

Let's show Allan some Jets pride and score a touchdown for the Green & White! The winning idea may just be made into a commercial to air during Super Bowl XLI this February. The Grand Prize winner will also receive a prize package that includes round trip airfare to South Florida for the winner and a guest and two tickets to Super Bowl XLI as special guests of the NFL.

So, click here to watch Allan's commercial idea and vote to send your fellow Jets fan all the way to the Super Bowl!

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