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Hackenberg, Jenkins 'Gone Fishing

Rookies Catch Snapping Turtle After Final Minicamp Practice.

The end of Jets' minicamp means school is out for the summer. After their final practice, rookies QB Christian Hackenberg and LB Jordan Jenkins started their break off with a little competitive fishing fun.

"We both love fishing. He's from Virginia, I'm from Georgia," said Jenkins, who called himself a southern boy. "When we first got out here, we said that we had to do some fishing and it's a lot greener in New Jersey than I imagined."

The pair has fished together a couple of times in Bedminster, NJ but this time Hackenberg reeled in something fishy – a snapping turtle.

"I thought it was a log, but then I got closer and it had a head, and it was kind of biting and hissing," said the second-round draft pick.

Apparently, the turtle did not appreciate being disturbed from his afternoon swim.

@chackenberg1 with the infamous snapping turtle  — Jordan Jenkins (@jordanOLB) June 16, 2016

"That sucker was nasty. He was not trying to let us get that hook out," said Jenkins.

Ironically, this isn't the first time the two have competed against each other. Jenkins' Georgia Bulldogs topped Hackenberg's Nittany Lions 24-17 in the last January's Taxslayer Bowl.

Final Score @chackenberg1: 11
Me: 7 #WhoWonThatTaxSlayerBowlDoe — Jordan Jenkins (@jordanOLB) June 16, 2016

"I had to let Hackenberg shine a little bit I know we got after him in the Taxslayer Bowl," joked Jenkins, "I hit him on his back once or twice – I had to let him feel special."

Hackenberg had an apt response to the smack talk.

 "You're only good as your last game and our last game together was fishing. I won that so that's the way I look at it" he said.

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