GENO: Miami Game Means Everything for Us

Transcript of the Jets quarterback's conference call with reporters Monday afternoon.


On what it would mean to win two straight games and get a win on the road…**

It means a lot. It means everything for us. We only have this game to look forward to until the offseason. Obviously, we want to end it off on a good note. We're facing a divisional [opponent], so it means everything as far as bragging rights goes. It just means a lot as far as going into the offseason with something positive to look at and then obviously facing a division opponent. We want to definitely have those bragging rights. They got us the first time, so we want to make it even and then it's obviously better to be 8-8 than 7-9.

On why the offense has had success running the ball lately…

The offensive line has been playing great. They've pretty much have been all season, but as of late they've really picked it up. And then Chris [Ivory] and Bilal [Powell] have done a tremendous job in the run game and I commend them for it because it makes my job a lot easier when those guys are running the way that they are. It really helps our offense out and keeps it to manageable third downs and it keeps us on pace.

On what part of the game he was most pleased with after watch video of Sunday's victory...

I think I'm more pleased with the fact that we had some really good, long drives. We had 13-, 14-play drives and it just means that we were executing the game plan, just staying on target and in that zone and staying with our reads. Obviously, we converted those third downs that were crucial in the game. It allowed our defense to rest up after playing pretty much the entire first quarter and then also got us into a rhythm and led to some points.

On what it is about the no-huddle that helps the offense…

I just think it keeps our pace going. It keeps us upbeat. We want to practice and we want to play with a really good tempo and the no-huddle just helps that.

On how important coaching consistency is for his development…

I think it's important for me to continue to strive and continue to work hard. I know as long as David Lee is my coach and Marty [Mornhinweg] is my coach, they won't allow me to take any breaks or take any shortcuts and that's kind of been the way that I've been learning all season. Just some things happened the hard way. But for the most part, it was just a bunch of things that I have learned in a very short amount of time that ultimately has helped me grow and get better from week to week. Having coaches such as Marty and Coach Lee, it really allows me to stay in that moment and just continue to grind and continue to grow as a rookie.

On how Coach Ryan has been able to keep players motivated in recent games…

Well, he's being himself and that's something that he's very good at doing. He's obviously a very hard-working coach. He's a players' coach, a guy that we all love to play for, we all love to compete for. We all play for one another around here and it's a very close-knit bunch. Rex just has continued to be himself and that's the reason why we love him and that's the reason why we continue to go out there and work hard in practice and continue to play hard.

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