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Game Picks: Jets vs. Seahawks

NFL Experts Take Their Shot at This Weekend's Game.

in-story.jpg*Pete Prisco, Senior NFL Columnist

*Pick: Jets, 21-17

This is a long trip for the Seahawks, and Russell Wilson is battling a knee injury. How healthy will he be against a good Jets front? The interesting battle will be to see if Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick can battle back against a good Seattle defense. I think he does. Jets take it.

Bleacher Report*Chris Simms, NFL Lead Analyst

*Pick: Jets

Players won't ever make the East Coast-West Coast excuse.

But I'm no longer a player, and I'm here to tell you it's a real issue that'll plague the Seahawks when they fly six hours for an early Sunday game. It's not even fair.

Russell Wilson's injury situation (MCL) isn't fair, either. He could get by on a bum wheel against the 49ers. Against the Jets? It'll be a much different story.

Ryan Fitzpatrick will curb his many mistakes. His weapons can edge out a groggy Hawks defense in a close game at home.


Sporting News*David Steele

*Pick: Seahawks, 19-17

No one should expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw a bushel of interceptions every week, but that six-pick disaster last week was not the one to have going into a game against the Seahawks. Defense hasn't really been their problem. Scoring has. Russell Wilson, healthy or not, will have his hands full against the Jets defense, which doesn't need Fitzpatrick to be the equalizer for the other team again.*Elliot Harrison, NFL Media Analyst

*Pick: Seahawks, 15-10Here's what we know:

A) Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is going to be walking around like the Terminator after he got effed-up in the big-rig crash.

B) The Jets' defensive front is top-shelf. The Seahawks' offensive line? A well drink.

C) Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will throw the defense a few.

D) Seattle's secondary matches up very well versus the Jets' wideouts.

E) Jets coach Todd Bowles was an outstanding defensive coordinator in the NFC West and knows the Seahawks well.

F) Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will throw the defense a few more.

G) Those Matt Forte dumpoffs and screens won't play as well against a team like the Seahawks, who don't need to blitz.

Love this matchup, a true defensive slugfest that could go either way. Trusting the Seahawks on the road against a team that isn't playing very well.

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