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Friday Player Interviews


Transcripts of selected interviews with Jets players during locker room media availability after Friday's midday practice:    


On how he is feeling today…

I'm feeling OK. I practiced today.

On if he'll play on Sunday vs. the Chiefs…

Right now, at this point, we're trying basically to just do what the doctors say. They went beyond their call of duty to bring in doctors and people like that to not only give us tests but talk to us, examine us and make sure things are right. Basically, it's the doctors' decision. I don't think that they would put us in a position that would jeopardize our long-term health. That's something that I've sat and talked with Eric [Mangini] about and I'd openly discuss with anybody that I don't think they'd put anybody in that position.

At this point, right now, all we can do is just do what the doctors say we're capable of doing. If a guy practiced today, then he practiced because he got the opportunity to practice and the doctor cleared him. That's basically what it is and that's pretty much it. We're doing what they're telling us we can do.

But again, it's hard for us to get into details. We are in a certain position because we are told that we're not allowed to talk about certain things. It's difficult for us — emotions can fly a little bit because at this point, you're like, "OK, I'm put in a difficult position," because you don't know what the doctor is going to say. You're taking all the tests and you don't get results back until later, so if I say something or anybody says anything that's out of the way, then it can be misconstrued and then be applied to us later on.

At any case, you don't want anything to be able to be brought back to you as conduct that's detrimental to the ballclub. That's the most important thing. I think that's something that has been instilled in us since Coach has been here. You never want to cross that line. I think when you put guys in a certain position, it kind of backs us up into a wall. I think we would appreciate it more if you would basically stick to questions that we can answer.

On being concerned about his and his teammates' health…

The only thing as players we can do, because again, this is a business first, is do what they tell us. The only knowledge we have is the information they give us. We're not doctors. We don't understand what's going on. You can tell them how you feel, and you can take the tests, but outside of that there's nothing really you can do about it.

If you go in and take the tests and he tells you you're fine, as a player, you're going to believe you're fine. Again, there's really nothing that we can do as players but do everything they ask us to do and take all of the tests. If we take the tests and they tell us we're fine, then we're fine. If they tell us we're not fine, then I'm sure they would take the right measures. As a player, that's all we can do.


On his approach to Sunday's game against the Chiefs…

I'm just going to approach the game the same way I do whenever I'm out on the field. I just try to make plays.

On how helpful Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery are in preparing for games…

They're great. Anytime I have a question about some of the things that they do, that I'm probably doing for the first time, they always help me out. They give me that perspective on if the defender does something and how they're running routes, things of that nature.

On if he and Brad Smith have discussed the possibility of increased playing time…

No, not really. Wherever we're at we just go out there and work hard. Brad and I, we're always working together just trying to make plays and stay out there.

On connecting with Brett Favre…

Brett is a great quarterback. He sees a lot of things and he knows how to get people into the right situation, in the right area. Brett will make plays either way. We just have to catch the ball.

On the identity of the offense…

All we can do is just get better each week. That's all we're doing, trying to improve in the running game and improve in the passing game each week.

On the chemistry of the wide receivers…

I think as a group we have a great bond. We all spend a lot of time together. They're who you spend most of your time with. I think as a whole group, we have a good bond.

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