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Friday Player Interviews


Transcripts of selected interviews with Jets players during the media session in the locker room following Friday's practice:    


On if he prepares differently for games…

If I didn't have any sacks the previous week, I'm going to prepare the same way I have been preparing since OTAs and training camp. There's no difference if you get two sacks or none. I'm going to go out there and practice the best I can, prepare the best I can in the classroom, so it's really no different.

On if he changed his approach this year…

I didn't take the extra steps the previous year. I am not saying I slacked off. I didn't take the extra steps in doing the same things I did after practice. I have reverted back to the approach I had two years ago. I took those extra steps and started doing those things, staying after practice, staying extra in the classroom and studying my opponent.

On what he has been doing to change his approach…

I've been in the classroom a lot more, staying after practice, getting extra technique as far as hand work, foot placement. I have been taking those extra steps this year.


On Brett Favre's communication…

He has been communicating with the guys on offense like crazy and it's helping our chemistry. He's a guy that not only does he communicate off the field but he communicates during the plays. It's going to continue with his communication even out there on the field each and every play. At some point the defense knows it's coming their way because he is communicating with everyone on the field.

On how it's difficult for defenses to read Favre…

A lot of defenses play certain guys certain ways as far as "This guy may be a clear-out guy" or "This guy really isn't the third [option] on this play." But with Favre, every guy is a threat and if he sees a defender not honoring a guy, he's going to come to that side and that can only help us as an offense.

On if it's more exciting for him that Favre can threaten the entire field…

Yes, because we have a lot of weapons and we have been saying it for the last couple of years since Coach Mangini has been here that we have a lot of weapons on offense. We haven't been able to see those weapons, and now we will get a chance to see those weapons because Favre is threatening the entire field.


On having an alter ego on the field…

Growing up and looking at good players play, not just football but great athletes, they are different people on the field. They have different personalities on the field in whatever event they are in. I think you have to have that approach because it's not just playing football or sports with high intensity. Everything that goes into what we do, you have to be a different person when you play.

On being a ballhawk…

When the ball is in the air, you have to have the mentality of going up and getting it. You can't wait to see the ball thrown because they are not throwing the ball to you, they are throwing the ball to the receiver. If you don't have the mentality that "I have to go get the ball," more often than not the receiver is going to pull it down.

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