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Friday Player Interview

Transcript of an interview with David Clowney after Friday's midday practice:

On if he is feeling more confident going into this week…

I've been confident every week. I prepare myself like I am playing every week, regardless if I know I am not [playing]. You never know what could happen on a Saturday morning or a Sunday morning. I always make sure that I prepare myself very well just in case I am going to get in there. I am excited because there is a possible chance [vs. Buffalo]. We still have to wait until Sunday morning.

On how tough it is not playing…

It's tough every Sunday. I need to go out there and be patient and when the time comes, I'm going to be ready.

On what he could contribute…

Anything I can bring to the team, whether it's special teams, offensively, kickoff team, kickoff return, whatever they feel they can use me for, I am going to make sure I am ready for that as well. My main thing right now is getting on the field and then showing them that I can be out there every week.

On what he did differently coming into this season…

Focus. I was lot more focused. When I was coming out of college, I was still a little young-minded as far as coming into the NFL on what I needed to do to prepare myself in the NFL. Of course, I started at Virginia Tech for my last three years. I was used to getting ready for a game and not necessarily battling for a position, especially my last two years, and I think I had to catch up on the focused mentality and coming into this season.

I actually have custody over my little brother [10-year-old Jordan]. I definitely had to make sure no matter what, no matter how much anything was thrown in my face, I can't have any distractions to make sure I was on this team to make sure everything was straight for my brother and me to live.

On getting custody of Jordan…

I knew I wanted to bring him up here ever since college to just get him out of [Palm Beach County, Fla.]. Abram Elam and I actually lived 10 minutes from each other. We are from the same area. Of course, I didn't know him until he got to the NFL.

I really didn't want him growing up in that atmosphere. I wanted to get him out of that atmosphere, especially for my mom, to put him in a better place. Whatever I can do to help my family to make sure they are straight.

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