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For One Family Jets Give New Meaning To A Merry Christmas


The Jets hold a special place in the hearts - and home - of the Cifrodella family.

Year-round, the Cifrodella's home in Old Bridge, New Jersey, displays Jets memorabilia – a constant reminder of a passion for the team that dates back to the days of Joe Willy Namath.

Twenty-one year old Thomas Cifrodella has been attending Jets games since the age of three with his father and his cousin. His father became a Jets fan back in the 1960's and then a season ticket holder in 1984 when the Jets moved to the Meadowlands. He's only missed one home game in twenty-two years.

This year, the Cifrodella's were so excited about the Jets on the field performance that they were apprehensive about removing their Jets paraphernalia to make room for a Christmas tree. So, instead of sacrificing Christmas for the Jets – or the Jets for Christmas – they celebrated both together.

And, what a Merry Christmas it turned out to be for Jets fans everywhere! Last night, the Cifrodella's, like so many other Jets fans, celebrated the holiday by watching in earnest as the Jets took on the Dolphins.

Though the weather and the opponents proved to be formidable challenges, the Jets emerged victorious and in position to become playoff contenders.

Now, the Jets must give fans like the Cifrodella's a real reason to ring in the New Year with champagne. But, before the bubbly begins to flow, the Cifrodella family, like so many other dedicated fans, will be there – come rain or shine – to cheer them on.

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