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FILM REVIEW: Trio of OT Beauties

Chan Gailey Orchestrated a Memorable Drive While Revis Got No. 5


Overtime 2nd and 8, NYJ 22
With Ryan Fitzpatrick in the shotgun, Eric Decker motions across the line and brings Malcolm Butler with him. So Brandon Marshall, who is outside the numbers, and Deck, in the slot, are on the same side of the field.  The Patriots are in nickel personnel and the single-high safety shades to the side of the terrific tandem. Meanwhile Quincy Enunwa gets a free release off the line and Kenbrell Thompkins creates traffic with a rub route. "It was little simple slant/flat combinations," said Enunwa. "We just kind of got a great rub — me and KT had been running that play the whole game. We practiced it hard throughout the week and as soon as I caught the ball and turned around, I just saw the play develop so well."  An aggressive attempt to go underneath backfires for the Patriots S Tavon Wilson and Enunwa showcases his run after the catch. And he finished the play as the Jets got into scoring possession with a 48-yard gain. "Quincy is just a game changer in terms of the stuff he does for us in the run game, so they were playing off coverage on him and press outside," Fitzpatrick said. "Quincy was able to get to the flat and you saw his strength and his athleticism on that play when he took off down the sideline."

2nd and 6, NE 26Back in the gun, Fitzpatrick is flanked by Chris Ivory to his right and Eric Decker to his left. Decker motions to the right of the line and then comes back to the left. So again, he provides an issue because the Jets have No. 87 and No. 15 on the same side of the field. Decker sits in the flat while Marshall takes off down the field. Logan Ryan, originally lined up across from Marshall, allows the 6'4", 230-pounder to pass through. Malcolm Butler, who followed Decker in motion, also lets Marshall run by as Fitzpatrick does a great job with his eyes. Butler slams on the brakes, but he is too late on the turn.  Marshall is free and Fitz is on the money.

1st and Goal, NE 6Quincy Enunwa's motion creates room to the right side of the field. With Kenbrell Thompkins outside the numbers, Eric Decker is in the slot. Fitzpatrick has a simple man coverage look and he and Decker are in concert from the get-go. Fitzpatrick's toss – his franchise-tying 29th of the season – is absolutely beautiful.  "I missed him on a few throws and he didn't have a lot of balls come his way, but then he makes the biggest catch of the night," Fitzpatrick said.

Revis INT Jets up 10-3, 3rd Quarter NE 1st and 10 NYJ 40In a base look, Darrelle Revis lines up about 7 yards off TE Rob Gronkowski. In zone and with Rontez Miles playing deep safety, Sheldon Richardson brings some edge pressure on Tom Brady. In a rare occurrence, Brady and Gronk just aren't on the same page. Revis, who now has five interceptions and eight takeaways in 2015, simply watched Brady and came up with an easy one. Three great players there and this time Revis comes away with the rock.

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