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FILM REVIEW: Powell's Punch & Deck's Feel

Inside the Green & White’s Screen Game & Decker’s Jump

Powell Shines as a Receiver
The Jets needed a counter for the Giants early pressure and Chan Gailey found one in Bilal Powell. But Powell was a threat beyond the first half as he posted career-highs with 8 receptions and 91 yards.

2nd Quarter Jets Trailing 10-3, Facing 3rd-and-6 from the NYG 36The Jets line up with 4 wide receivers and Brandon Marshall, originally lined up outside the numbers, motions inside of Eric Decker on the right side of Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Giants are in dime and they bring the heat as 7 come including a deep safety. Fitz sees it pre-snap and both Jason Pierre-Paul and the safety come free. While Fitz takes a quick look down the field, Powell leaks out to the right. The only receiver who isn't running vertical is Decker, but all the Giants DBs are occupied. Fitz makes sure he gets the ball past JPP and Powell does the rest  -picking up a Decker block along the way - along the "visiting" sideline.

Jets Trailing 10-3, Facing 3rd-and-15 from the NYG 25Just a couple of plays later, the Jets are back in a 4-wide look. To Fitz's left, Decker is lined up outside the numbers and Marshall is lined up just inside of them. Powell motions out of the backfield, taking the Giants LB with him. The Giants are in nickel with a 2-deep safety look and Quincy Enunwa, lined up in the slot, creates traffic for Powell as he takes his man into the Giants LB. The Giants actually only rush 3 as DE Damontre Moore is watching Fitz's eyes. After Fitz fires to Powell, Moore desperately tries to get over but it's no match as Powell has a head of steam to the center of the field and a convoy of blockers with RG Brian Winters, C Nick Mangold and LG James Carpenter. Mangold and Carpenter create the final path and Powell finishes. Pretty.

4th Quarter, 2:40 Remaining
Jets Trailing 20-13, 1stand 10 from NYJAgain in a 4-WR set, Brandon Marshall is by himself to Fitzpatrick's right lined up outside the numbers.The Giants are in nickel with 4 DL and they drop one safety back after the snap while the other takes a look at Marshall. At first, it's not clear if the linebacker is blitzing or not. Powell, lined up to Fitzpatrick's right, looks for an instant like he is going to pick up the 'backer but he gets low and leaks out. The 'backer sees that and attempts to find Powell, but he's got a problem and his name is Brian Winters. Again the speedy back has plenty of green in front of him and he picks up a downfield block from Brandon Marshall in the process.

4th Quarter, 0:40 Remaining
Jets Trailing 20-13, 1st and 10 from NYG 21Just like our previous play, Chan Gailey has the Jets in 4 WR as Brandon Marshall is off to himself to the right outside the numbers.  Lined up to Fitzpatrick's right, Powell just leaks out a couple of yards and makes himself available. The Giants are in nickel with 3 DL, but they bring 4 as both Winters and Mangold don't engage long before heading to the second level. Fitzpatrick, staying cool as ever, adjusts his delivery and gets the ball off to Powell while taking a hit. Winters again gets a good block, Carpenter also provides room and Mangold eventually finds something to hit. Breno Giacomini got enough of JPP as well. Powell finishes and creates 1st-and-goal. * *

The Deck Drive

Synopsis: Brandon Marshall was fantastic again Sunday, but Eric Decker also pitched in with his first 100-yard receiving game of 2015. He was critical in jump-starting the offense after the Rontez Miles' interception.

4th Quarter, 8:42 Remaining
Jets Trailing 20-10, 1st and 10 from NYJ 14Gailey goes to spread as Chris Ivory – taking a LB with him - becomes WR 5 outside Marshall. The Giants show pressure, but one 'backer bails and the Giants actually end up having two defenders converge on Kellen Davis. In the meantime, Decker has already won his matchup with the Giants CB as he gets him off-balance to the boundary and Fitz gets a quick 9 to start the possession. Instead of keeping a watch on Decker, the safety goes up-the-field on Davis.

4th Quarter, 7:31 Remaining
Jets Trailing 20-10, 1st and 10 from NYJ 25The Giants attempt to bring the heat out of their dime package, sending a DB along with their 4 DL. Lined up in the slot, Decker gets a free release and explodes off the line. Facing the same DB as two plays ago, he again crosses back to the middle while a Giants 'backer again elects to go up the field – this time for Quincy Enunwa. While Enunwa was open too initially, Fitz gets another 12 to Decker. The veteran wideout is in attack mode off the ball and again wins the leverage game.

4th Quarter, 6:44 Remaining
Jets Trailing 20-10, 2nd and 10 from NYJ 37Back in spread, Fitzpatrick is operating out of an empty backfield. Decker is close to the hashes, the most inside of the 3 WRs to Fitzpatrick's right. With the Giants in zone once again, Decker gets a free release and blows by a linebacker. The safety hesitates,Decker sits and Fitz is on the money for 16.* *In this case, the 'backer took Kenbrell Thompkins underneath and passed Decker off.

4 Quarter, 6:23 Remaining
Jets Trailing 20-10, 1 and 10 from NYG 47
Again in an empty formation, Decker is nearest to the hashes on the right side. Devin Smith runs vertical, Kenbrell Thompkins goes underneath and Decker – yes you have read this before – sits in a zone behind the linebacker and in front of the safety. The Giants had 2-deep safeties and Fitz and Deck took advantage.

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