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FanDuel: Jets Fantasy Week 12 Preview

Expect Eric Decker to Be Strong Against the Dolphins' Defense

The New York Jets fell to the Houston Texans Sunday 17-24. Both teams now stand at 5-5 in the AFC East.

Week 11 brought some strong performances for the Jets and gears them up for their Week 12 game against the Miami Dolphins.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick tallied 17.84 FanDuel points against the Texans thanks to two touchdowns and 216 passing yards.

Brandon Marshall also put up some points this weekend. 13.20 FanDuel points with 27 receiving yards and five receptions.

The Jets will continue to have strong performances from these two when they face Miami who is known for allowing a lot of yards.


Brandon Marshall ($7,800):Marshall faced Miami in Week 4 when he tallied 16.3 FDP. The wide receiver had 128 receiving yards and seven receptions in the win. He's faced the Dolphins a total of three times in his career. And while neither of the meetings has he scored a touchdown, he still tallied a total of 203 receiving yards and he accumulated a 1-2 record with the teams he played on. He will stay in the teens as far as FanDuel points scoring is concerned and will have a relatively low ownership percentage.

Eric Decker ($7,100):Eric Decker has been a fantasy favorite this season for not only performance, but he's been affordable. What's better than that? The wide receiver has not scored below 10 FanDuel points once this season and topped out at 19.7 points against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2. Decker has faced the Dolphins a total of four times in his career tallying 306 receiving yards and two touchdowns with a 3-1 record. Expect him to be strong against that defense. He could easily have his first 20 FDP game this Sunday.

On the other side of the football, the Jets have a strong Ndamukong Suh to watch out for and quarterback Ryan Tannehill is anticipating his big day on FanDuel.

Ndamukong Suh:Ndamukong Suh had seven tackles in the loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday making them fall to 4-6. Suh also has seven total tackles in his three games against the Jets. Against the Cowboys, Miami moved Suh and Olivier Vernon around which with those two combined gave a total of 12 tackles (Vernon had five tackles). The two create major pressure against an offensive line which would be the major key to winning this game.

Ryan Tannehill ($6,900):Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill is looking for his next big game on FanDuel. He had a solid performance against the Houston Texans back in Week 7 tallying 27.58 FanDuel points thanks to four passing touchdowns and 282 passing yards in the 44-26 win. If he can improve on his deep ball ability, he could be a last minute addition to your lineups. He's ridiculously cheap as well if you end up spending a lot of money on your wide receivers or running backs.

This matchup is relatively even as far as FanDuel performances are concerned. I don't anticipate a high-scoring game, but it will definitely be an entertaining one.

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