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EA Q&A: There's More to the Tebow Package

While the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette has reported that Steelers LB James Harrison will return to the lineup Sunday, the status of Jets CB Darrelle Revis is up in the air.  Revis suffered a mild concussion against the Bills and has not practiced this week.  John Holt has the full report on No. 24 and you can read it here — only after you finish our latest Q&A.
(On Friday, the Post-Gazette reported, "Harrison looks like a no-go again Sunday."

KurtNew Milford, CT

Q: First off, you do a great job covering the Jets. Thanks for that. Just curious, I noticed Rex wore a Titans sweatshirt during today's presser. Is that a hint that we will be wearing the Titan uniforms in Pitt?

EA: Coach Ryan is fond of the old jerseys and he'll wear the Titans gear occasionally.  He loves his football history and the Titans garb will remain part of his wardrobe.  But I can say with certainty that the Jets will be in their white tops this weekend at Heinz Field.

BobNorth Attleboro, MA

Q: Do you ever see the Jets using Tim Tebow as a regular running back (to spell Shonn Greene) instead of just the Wildcat QB? It would be nice to get "chunk" plays out of the running game, like Buffalo (CJ Spiller) got on us?

EA: I wouldn't put anything past Tony Sparano.  On Sunday's installment of "Jets Replay", I asked the Jets OC about the Tebow package used during the rout of the Bills

"We had a little bit of a package for him that way and we really didn't scratch the surface of the package today," he said.  "Some of the things we did were just base things out there today because we got up in the game.  We didn't have to go crazy with the whole thing." 

Tebow has a lot of outstanding qualities, but he is not a C.J. Spiller type runner.  Spiller has blazing speed and the closest thing the Jets have to that in the offensive backfield is Joe McKnight.  The Jets like their stable of RBs and are very happy with the progress of Bilal Powell — not only as a blocker but as a runner and pass receiver.

TJClinton, MD
Q: I was a little disappointed in the comments Mario Williams made towards Austin Howard.  He is being paid all that money to whine about numerous hands to his face by Howard?   That's bush league.  He should have paid someone to offset the so-called penalties.  LOL.  What's your thoughts?

EA: Mario Williams is a great player, but he didn't have a good Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium.  Then after the game, Williams said Howard was frequently using illegal hands to his face.  Howard won his matchup when they were 1-on-1 and the Jets also helped the big RT with some slide protections and chips. 

I agree with Rex Ryan's assessment that I didn't see what Williams saw — there might have been a couple out of 73 snaps.  The teams meet again on Dec. 30 and we'll see what happens.  After one meeting, Howard>Williams.

PeterHarwich, MA

Q: Many people I talk to think Tebow would make a great tight end.  He seems to have the physique and running ability.  Is it possible to have him and Keller as main weapons on the line?

EA: There are a lot of positions Tebow could play.  He lined up as a tight end on the Jets first snap from scrimmage and he does have a lot of qualities you like to see in a tight end.

I wouldn't make him and Keller as the "main weapons" on the line.  Jeff Cumberland (3-33) quietly had a very nice day against the Bills and he continues to develop as a blocker.  Also you have to give a lot of credit to Konrad Reuland for coming right in and making his presence felt in the blocking game.  Reuland appeared in 23 snaps or 34% of the offensive plays.  Cumberland played 30 while the Jets were able to get Dustin Keller (hamstring) out of the game relatively early with that big lead in hand.

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