EA Q&A: Plan for Pats & Uniforms in 2013


Big Ric @NicAinNY** Q: What's the plan of attack against the Pats?

EA: The same plan it has been for years. The Jets have to get in Tom Brady's face, move him off his spot, disguise coverages and get off the field on third down. Sacks aren't the most important number — ultimately it's all about sustained pressure and hits. If Brady has time and knows what he is facing, you're toast.

But for all the talk about the Jets being a team in transition, the Patriots are a team that has gone undergone major changes on offense. Wes Welker is in Denver, Aaron Hernandez is out of football and Rob Gronkowski is not expected to play. The two most productive Patriots in Week 1 — WR Danny Amedola (10 catches, 104 yards in a 23-21 triumph at Buffalo) and RB Shane Vereen (159 total yards against the Bills) — are banged up. Amedola isn't likely to suit up and Vereen is on injured reserve.

The Patriots can run the ball more effective than they have in the past, but Stevan Ridley fumbled the ball twice in Week 1. The Jets run defense was superb against the Bucs and I think a lot of teams are going to have a heck of a time getting it going on the ground against this front seven. There is no Vincent Jackson on the Patriots roster and I think the Jets DBs have to play a very physical ballgame on the outside.

The NFL spotlight will be on Geno Smith for the first time and the rookie has to remain poised at Gillette Stadium. There was a lot to like about Smith's performance against the Bucs, but he has to try to eliminate the turnovers. Kellen Winslow Jr. will be ready for another shot at one of his former clubs and I think it might be Tone Time Thursday night. Santonio Holmes could be a huge impact for the Jets against their nemesis.

Bills RB C.J. Spiller (17-41) was shut down by the Patriots and there wasn't a ton of open space for Bilal Powell (12-29) and Chris Ivory (10-15) against the Bucs. Will the Jets be able to get the run game going in Week 2?

And it will be imperative for Ben Kotwica's special teams units to have a solid game.

Rochester, NY
Q: Do you know the Jets jersey schedule for this season? Any whites at home or throwbacks?

EA: The Jets will not wear throwbacks in 2013. After donning white jerseys in their Week 1 win over the Bucs, the Jets will wear their green jerseys for the rest of their home schedule — starting in Week 3 against the Bills. Green will be team's jersey color in Miami on Dec. 29, but the Jets will be white for the first seven road contests.

As far as pants, the Jets will wear white for at least the first month of the season and then it becomes a weekly decision.

Frank Petrucci
Yucaipa, CA
Q: The so-called experts say Geno is a raw talent. I understand that some rookies had fantastic seasons last year, but wouldn't it be better for his development to bring him a long a little slower while Marty smoothes out some of his rough edges?

EA: In his first NFL start, Geno Smith became the first Jet player to lead the team in passing yards (256) and rushing yards (47) since 1999. He also completed 63% of his pass attempts and played a clean second half after a couple of first half turnovers. And the most important Geno Smith did in his first pro game was he won. The rookie will experience ups and downs and both offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and QB coach David Lee will be right there to mentor him along the way. There is no substitute for game experience and the Jets wouldn't play Smith if they thought it was to his detriment.

Charles St. Denis ‏@CeSyr321
Q: What are we going do about Vlad at left guard? He looked awful in blitz pick up & running inside.

EA: The Buccaneers have a stout rush defense, so you have to give them some credit too.  I thought the pass protection was solid and excellent at times against the Bucs.  Brian Winters, a third-round pick from Kent State who was slowed by an ankle injury this summer, is expected to compete for time as well.

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