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EA Q&A: Breaking Bad, Beards & Beckham Jr.

@eallenjets hey EA, what do you think of Odell Beckham Jr? He's a guy we should really watch and take if he's available in the 2nd! — Hans (@LookItsHans) February 25, 2014

@eallenjets Any chance we go after a proven vet like Dallas Clark in FA to fulfill a need at the TE position? — Eric Dixon (@ADarkRoomOnFire) February 24, 2014

@eallenjets What would it take for the Jets to trade up for a receiver such as Watkins? Any teams rumored to be interested in moving down? — Andrew Posen (@Andrew_Posen) February 24, 2014

@eallenjets @nfldraftscout why would the jets franchise a kicker???? — Anthony tuozzo (@Atuz68) March 3, 2014

@eallenjets is there any value left in Sidney rice for the Jets to bring him into camp and let him compete for a spot. — Jeremey Smykla (@JETSFAN124) February 22, 2014

@eallenjets What do you bench? More importantly, what does your beard bench? — III.X.XIV. (@FlightBoyXII) February 26, 2014

@eallenjets PLEASE TELL SOMEONE TO LOOK INTO DRAFTING CONNOR SHAW!!!!! — Greg Mazzochi (@GregMazzochi) February 25, 2014

@eallenjets What early round receiver do you think fits the jets the best? #nfl #nyjets #nyj — NFL - Dante (@NFLdes) February 25, 2014

@eallenjets What did you think of the ending to Breaking Bad? — Scott Salmon (@ScottSalmon48) February 26, 2014

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