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EA: Darrelle on Lito as a Jet, T.O. as a Bill


What was Darrelle Revis' initial reaction to the Bills' signing of Terrell Owens?

"That I have to go against him twice a year," Revis told me with a laugh today during an appearance on radio.

Owens, who averaged 1,196 receiving yards and 13 TD catches a season in his three-year stint with the Cowboys, could prove to be a perfect partner in Buffalo for Lee Evans. Desperately in need of a No. 2 receiver to alleviate defensive attention from Evans, the Bills found a co-No. 1.

"You have speed on one side and you have speed and power on the other side, so it's tough. Down the road, we will deal with that," Revis said. "We're going to do a great job and I know the coaches will come up with the best plan to defend those guys."

The Green & White solidified their corner position across from Revis when they acquired Lito Sheppard in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. Sheppard, who has collected 18 career thefts, is no stranger to having Owens as a divisional foe.

"Lito's a great guy. He's a proven veteran, a two-time Pro Bowler, so he's proven in this league to cover some of the best guys," Revis said. "That's good because even though he's coming in, I can learn some stuff that he's been through in his experiences playing NFL football."

The 5'11", 204-pound Revis, already considered one of the best DBs in the NFL after only two seasons, is looking forward to playing in Rex Ryan's aggressive defensive system in 2009. Man coverage will be the norm as the Jets look to apply constant pressure to opposing quarterbacks.

"I love it, I love it," he said. "We're going to be aggressive, so quarterbacks are probably going to have to get the ball out quick. So that's good to make some jumps on balls for me and Lito and [Dwight} Lowery and the other guys in the secondary."

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