Coordinators' Corner: Logistics for the Ravens

Videos and excerpts from our three coordinators at their weekly news conferences on Thursday afternoon at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center:




Thurman on Ed Reed's game at Buffalo and what he brings to the Jets...

Ed played well. It was interesting, being that he only had two days of practice, how quickly he came back in and picked up the terminology. But he had been using it for 10, 11 years, so it should've been easy. I would've thought that he'd have a more difficult time picking up the terminology from the other team. But he flowed right back in and I'm glad we have him.

He brought his intangibles with him. The other guys, they know who Ed Reed is and they tend to gravitate towards him. They know that he understands this defense, he's made a tremendous amount of plays in this defense, so it was easy for him to flow right back into it and perform well for us.



Mornhinweg on if Geno Smith was rattled getting hit early at Buffalo…**

He's been hit hard before and has played well. I don't think so. We all have to help the quarterback. For a quarterback to play well takes an awful lot of things, so we've got to help him more now, starting with me. So there you go. Man alive, I'd like to see him play better than he did last week now. He's got to do that.

He's just been up and down, our whole offensive football team. And that's what bothers me. As we play a little better, as I do my job a little bit better, I think he can play like he has in the past. He's proven that he can play at a high level consistently throughout a game. So that's what we're looking for, game to game, week to week.


Kotwica on deciding how much game-planning to go over with the players the day before a game…

I think most of it you're reviewing. You've touched base on it, but maybe there's a point of emphasis. A lot of times I like to build up to the game. So sometimes there's such a finite amount of time that you have with meetings and in practice reps that, as we build up to the game, when you get to Friday and even Saturday, the clips you're showing are maybe some positive plays. It's a positive reaffirmation of plays that we made maybe the week before or "Hey, listen, we just made this play." This play is going to be out there again or it's a good directional punt, something along those lines.

Ryan [Quigley] had a real nice directional punt on Sunday against Buffalo, so maybe Saturday you reshow that one: "OK, there's going to be wind out there. Now you've been there, you've done this before." So that's something in the avenue that I like to take.

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