Coordinators' Corner: Geno, Dee and Miami

Videos and excerpts from our three coordinators' weekly Thursday news conferences.



Mornhinweg on the important areas where QB Geno Smith has made strides this year…**

I'm not going to get into too many details, but just big-picture things. We talked about it. He's proven that he could lead a team coming from behind. He's proven that he put together some solid football games at the quarterback spot. The other thing I'm sort of proud of, and we talked about this just briefly, but powering through some bad times. I think that's really important in the long run, to be able to do that. He's becoming comfortable with the audible system. He made some just terrific use of the audible system and he's done it all year, but specifically it's been outstanding in the recent past history here, these last few games. And I could go on and on about some of the good things.



Thurman on what has attributed to rookie CB Dee Milliner's increased confidence level…**

I think it's a combination of everything. He's always had the talent. Again, you go back to his limited time in OTAs, minicamps, even training camp. You learn as you go. This is a game where experience is your best teacher when you're young. Understanding how to play the position, you're playing against grown men, you're a 22-year-old rookie, it's going to take some time for you. His natural ability is beginning to show, his ability to cover. The guy that we thought that we drafted is starting to show. It's only the beginning still. He's not a finished product by any stretch but we're happy that he's making the progress he's making.



Kotwica on the interview he had with Army for its head-coaching position...**

It was a great opportunity. I got a call and the organization here, John [Idzik] and Rex [Ryan], they were great enough to let me pursue that opportunity. We sat down for a while and talked and I'm very grateful that General Bob Caslen, who's the superintendent up at West Point, and Boo Corrigan, the athletic director, had my name on a short list of candidates. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the time with them.

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