Cheering On Jets Is Birthright for Mengel Family


Nicole and Jason Mengel celebrate this past Valentine's Day with their newborn son, Ryan.

Nicole and Jason Mengel had many reasons to celebrate this past Valentine's Day. Not only did their favorite team have a great season, but they were able to cheer them on with their newborn son Ryan who, at four months old, is already learning football fundamentals in one of his many new jerseys.

In fact, Nicole is convinced that she went into labor on a Saturday so that the family could all watch the Jets together on Sunday, October 8th from her hospital room as she cradled little Ryan in a Jets blanket. And, she's also convinced that Ryan is the Jets new good luck charm. She makes sure he is awake and alert for each game, because when he dozes off, things start to take a turn for the worse on the field.

A life-long Jets fan, Nicole began attending Jets games with her father at the age of five and proudly sported a Jets jacket to and from middle school.

When she became a little bit older, she placed her own name on the waitlist for season tickets and was recently rewarded for her patience.

Now, all grown up with a family and season tickets of her own, Nicole intends to pass down her family traditions to the next generation.

Looks like she's off to a good start!

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