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Chat with Rob Sullivan About Tickets, PSLs

The New York Jets' season opener against the Baltimore Ravens is only a few days away, and many fans, if they haven't already this preseason, soon enough will get the chance to complete their gameday rituals at their beautiful new home, New Meadowlands Stadium.

For the few Jets fans still on the sidelines, now is the time to jump into the action. According to Rob Sullivan, the team's vice president of consumer sales and service, season tickets are 97 percent sold out and are expected to sell out before opening day.

Sullivan will be available to fans on a live chat at 11 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 8, but we had a chance this week to sit down with Rob to pose some Frequently Asked Questions about tickets, PSLs and the new stadium.

Are season tickets still available?

Yes, we have limited availability in our PSL and Club sections. Call (800) 469-JETS or visit to purchase PSLs and season tickets. This is your last opportunity to take advantage of ticket availability before tickets and PSLs sell out.

What is a PSL?

A PSL is a Personal Seat License that gives holders the right to buy season tickets for certain seats in the stadium and allows them to enjoy their seats for the life of the stadium. This means that Jets fans will be able to make their mark at New Meadowlands Stadium forever, returning to their same seats, passing them down to family members and keeping their football traditions alive.

How can I make PSLs more affordable?

With the recent PSL price reductions, zero money down and options to spread out payments over five or 15 years, you can make the price of a PSL more suitable to your payment needs. It's now easier than ever to stake your place at New Meadowlands Stadium — you can buy a lower level PSL for as little as $243 per year. With the help of payment plans and price reductions, PSLs and season tickets are now very affordable.

Where does PSL revenue go?

To build our state-of-the-art $1.6 billion stadium, every dollar of PSL money goes towards the cost of the construction. With exciting new features, great additions to the gameday experience and top-shelf amenities, Jets fans will be flocking back to New Meadowlands Stadium. Once they set foot in their new home and see the incredible atmosphere and homefield advantage, they'll never be able to imagine watching a game from home again.

What are the benefits of purchasing seats?

PSL holders benefit because their location in the stadium is typically better, giving them great angles and views of their favorite players in action. The seats are willable and transferrable, holders can get presale tickets for other stadium events, and PSL holders keep the seats for the lifetime of the stadium. Non-PSL holders will have the same great seats all season long and have the rights to playoff tickets in those seating locations, meaning that every game they can help make New Meadowlands Stadium the most formidable environment in the league.

Once I purchase a PSL, will my season ticket cost increase?

Due to inflation and other economic causes, season tickets have historically increased in price from 3 to 7 percent for most professional sports teams.

Will parking be available to season ticket holders as it has in the past?

Yes, as a Club Seat holder, PSL holder or non-PSL season ticket holder, one of the season ticket benefits is the ability to purchase season-long parking passes, which will provide fans with easy, affordable and convenient stadium access. After a great tailgate in the parking lot, fans will be able to walk right into the stadium, find their seats and enjoy their gameday experience.

If I can't make all games, what can I do with my extra tickets?

Our secondary market ticket partner is TicketExchange, Ticketmaster's new online service that enables fan-to-fan transactions. Our season ticket holders love TicketExchange. It's a great place for them to sell their extra tickets. In addition, tickets can also be sold through our ticket exchange on Plenty of Jets fans will be clamoring for the chance to attend a game in New Meadowlands Stadium.

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