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C.J. Mosley Values Opportunity to 'Contend for a Championship' in 2023

One of the Jets’ Captains Is the Heart and Soul of the Defense


Captain C.J. Mosley was able to find a bright spot in the Jets' 2022 NFL season.

"Obviously the way we finished the season, those last two games especially when we were trying to fight and give everything we had to make that playoff spot, technically the season was a failure because we didn't make the playoffs," Mosley said. "Individually I had a really good year, you know I made All-Pro, Pro Bowl, so I just took it took everything in stride. I'm just really appreciative of being in this position. The main reason for me getting to where I am was my coaches and my teammates, so and I always give credit to those guys first."

Not only did Mosley collect All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors, he recorded 158 tackles, which ranked ninth in the NFL, a sack and an interception. The defense also took a big step last season when itfinished fourth in points and yards allowed per game in its second season under head coach Robert Saleh.

"We had a really good year compared to 2021," Mosley said. "So, what was our next step? 2021 we were kind of learning everything and really filling out our personnel. 2022 everybody was together for two years, we kind of understood the defense. From the middle of the season to the end we really felt like we were clicking a lot, and we saw how offenses were trying to attack us as a defense. Now, for 2023, we have to find how we can get better, because if we stay the same, we won't get better."

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For Mosley, the next step comes down to daily progress and a focus on the details. As a captain of the Green & White for the past three seasons he's played, Mosley is ready to lead that charge. 

"For me, I'm just trying to find how can I just take one little step to put me in the right position," he said. "I just got to try to make those plays and be in better positions than I was last year. You can't hop and skip without walking first. So, it's just taking it one day at a time and just taking small steps to better craft our game and be more precise."

As the 2023 season rapidly approaches, there are bigexpectations after having added players at key positions. By adding QB Aaron Rodgers, WR Mecole Hardman Jr., WR Allen Lazard, DL Al Woods and T Billy Turner (plus another strong draft), many observers say the outsiders are saying this team has a shot to contend for a Super Bowl championship. Mosley has watched this team grow over the last four years.

"Just to say those words 'contend for a championship' not every team and every player get to say that every single year," Mosley said. "I've been blessed to be in this league going on nine years. Every single year wasn't a chance to win the Super Bowl and wasn't a chance to be a playoff team. Just to see us grow from 2019 to 2023, it's been a process, but it's been fun to be a part of. When you deal with those tough losses, you deal with that adversity in the building and outside the building, you know, it's just you and your brother and that's it.

"When you have those kinds of players, those kinds of people, those kinds of men and women around you in the building all the time that build that family bond, no one gets tired in the fourth quarter. If you're hurting or your shoulder's messed up and you feel like you can't do it, you think about your brother. You think about their 'why' and that makes you want to stay out there and give it all you got."

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