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Burris 'The Barber' Battles 'The Beast'

Jets Rookie DB Has Flashed, Embracing Competition

Early in training camp, Jets rookie CB Juston Burris has flaunted excellence, but from time to time, has shown he still has plenty to learn.

In Tuesday's practice, the fourth-rounder intercepted quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for the first practice takeaway of his career. Ironically, it came after Fitzpatrick told the defense that the next player who picked him off would have the honor of shaving the QB's head.

"It was pretty cool.  I'm just trying to continue to make plays, no matter who is throwing the ball," Burris said of the INT. "I'm just getting better every day and trying to improve."

Fitzpatrick intended to get the ball to star wideout Brandon Marshall, but Burris closed with good position underneath to haul in the pass and a long return ensued. The next day, Marshall returned the favor, and torched the rookie in a 1-on-1 situation.

"I love it. I want to guard the best, and he's the best.  That's how you're going to get better — beating the best," Burris said. "I know whether or not I got beat, or made a good play, that I got better with that rep."

The newcomer is also a beneficiary of some competitive banter from the six-time Pro Bowler.

"He says, 'Hey rookie this, hey rookie that.' It's all in good fun," Burris said. "Every time he makes a play on me, he's going to let me know about it, but he's also helping me get better. Sometimes he says, 'When I make that move, you need to make this move,' stuff like that."

Burris, who was told he needed to rely less on his hands by Jets DB coach Joe Danna, will continue to work on his footwork throughout training camp.

"We are working on a couple things with my stance that isn't going to work in the pros, with these bigger and faster receivers," he said. "We're changing my game a little bit."

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