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Berry Ready to Help the Guys in the Locker Room

*After not having chatted with Aaron Berry since he first arrived in Florham Park back on Oct. 1, we revisited him this week in the locker room. The cornerback talked with us about his transition onto the Jets, his role which looks to expand in the coming weeks, and his number one hobby away from the gridiron. *

You've been a part of the Jets for a little over a month now. How do you feel everything's been going?

Everything's been going well. Just learning a defense and getting everything down pat. I've finally got my legs back up under me. Everything is going well.

What do you believe was the toughest adjustment when you first arrived?

Pretty much just getting my legs up under me and getting back into football mode. You know, being out for so long and not being able to play football, it's hard to make it work out sort of similar to this, because you do movements out here that you never do. That's the biggest thing, just getting in football mode and getting my legs up under me.

How many weeks did it take you to get up to speed?

Roughly two, three weeks. Well, considering it's not really a camp practice, so it's not as tough as it would be at training camp when you go every day, twice a day. That was the biggest thing, just getting your legs under you.

You used to play with the Detroit Lions. Now that you're here with the Jets, are both teams pretty similar in terms of the guys in the locker room?

I'm pretty sure it's different everywhere. But you know, this is a great room of guys here. Regardless of everything that goes on off the field, I just feel like it brings us closer as one. I feel like we all jell and we all get along well.

And I'm guessing it was that way in Detroit, too?

Yeah, most definitely. All of the guys in the locker room, as long as you respect each other, everybody is cool. That's the biggest thing is just respecting everybody in the locker room.

I recall that you knew Darrelle Revis before you came here, but was it hard coming in and not really knowing anyone else on this team?

Everybody was cool and they welcomed me in. It's just about getting comfortable and everybody has welcomed me with open arms. I'm just ready to help this team in whatever way I can.

What's been the best part of being a part of the Jets?

Just being able to play football and taking advantage of my second opportunity, because it was rough not having a job. Knowing your skill level and knowing what I can do out there, it was tough not being able to be on the field and being suspended. So that was the biggest thing, just being able to come out and play football.

How were you able to get through that tough period?

Family. You know, family. Just trying to keep my head out of it, stay active. I worked out a lot. Pretty much just tried to stay active and keep my mind off of it.

You had two big special teams tackles against Seattle last Sunday. Do you feel that game was the best one you've played here so far?

Yeah I mean, with [Isaiah] Trufant going out, my role stepped up a lot. That's the most I'd played, it's the most opportunity I got. So I've just got to take advantage of my opportunities and when they call my number, I've got to be ready to go.

Has practice this week changed for you with Isaiah now being out? Have the coaches tried to stress different things to you?

Yeah. But you just have to go with the flow and when your number's called, you have to be a professional and be ready. Regardless if they talk to you in the meetings, they're talking to everybody when they talk to one person.

Is it encouraging to you, though, that your role is likely going to be increased during these final seven weeks of the season?

You never want to wish an injury on anybody. That's a tough thing, especially when guys are playing well. Reeve being the corner that he is, and Trufant playing at a high level like he was, it's tough on those guys. But like I said, you have to take advantage of the opportunity and be ready when they call your number.

Obviously you love football. But what are some hobbies you have away from the field?

I love bowling.

Ricky Sapp just told me he loves to bowl, too.

Oh, yeah. We go together sometimes.

So who's got the upper hand between you two in bowling?

Oh, me, most definitely.

You ever bowled a 300?

No, I'm not that good. My highest was probably a 220-something.

That's still pretty good.

Yeah, it is good. It's all right.

Do you watch bowling on TV, too?

No, I just like going. I can't really get into it on TV. I mean, I probably could. It really depends on the stakes of the game, I guess. It's like easy for [pro bowlers]. It's just like watching strike after strike.

Why uniform No. 22? Is there any significance behind that?

Oh, no. It was just the best number they had, pretty much [laughing].

I know you weren't here at the beginning of the season like most of these guys, but when the season's over what do you hope to personally have accomplished?

Just for everybody in this locker room to trust me when I go out on the field. That's the biggest thing is gaining the trust in the locker room and just learning the playbooks. And when you go out there, you're prepared and you do a good job.

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