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Anthem Contestants Cut Loose


Ranging from kids 9 years of age to grown men and women in their fifties, dozens of wannabe stars hoping to realize their dreams of singing in front of a packed stadium of 80,000 fans arrived at the Meadowlands early Sunday morning to enter the New York Jets National Anthem Contest.

The Jets, in collaboration with Columbia Records and 1050 AM ESPN Radio, hosted their first anthem contest. The winner of the contest will perform the anthem at a game during the 2007 season and will have the opportunity to meet with a Columbia Records talent scout.

With enthusiasm, spirit and confidence, the dozens of contestants, one by one, took to the field, belting out the words of the Star Spangled Banner to the best of their abilities. Some, more nervous than others, stumbled on the words, stopping and starting more than once. Other contestants were thrown by the echo of the PA system, unsure whether earplugs might help or hurt.

Ranging from a rock 'n' roll version with a Jimi Hendrix spin to a gospel-inspired duo to a female foursome — all in all, the contestants' efforts were impressive.

Over the next few days, the New York Jets will select three finalists and then give you, our fans, the opportunity to choose the contest winner by voting for your favorite performer right here on

So continue to check the site for the top three videos and be sure to cast your vote so that you can make one of these contestants' dreams come true.

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