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ANNE-MARIE: Anatomy of a Video Workout


Hey, Jets Fans, It's Flight Crew Member Anne-Marie here! I hope you are all getting really pumped for the upcoming season. I know I am! This off-season has been a busy one for me, between working full-time, school, and training for the upcoming Flight Crew auditions!

A couple of weeks ago, I had an amazing opportunity to work with, and Reebok! Reebok came out with these awesome sneakers (the Smoothfit Selectride), and I wanted to put them to the test by doing a Toe to Toe Challenge.

They tagged along with me to the gym to show Michael, who is one of the editors at Maxim, what a Jets Flight Crew workout is like. I also got to teach him one of our dances — which was the true Toe to Toe Challenge!

That morning I got ready and headed to Maxim's office in Manhattan, where I got geared up in my Reebok attire, and did a little photo shoot for promotional ads which you can see on! We then headed to Crunch Gym a few blocks away, and got right to work.

First, we headed to the treadmill to do a one-mile run, just as we do at every Flight Crew rehearsal. Then we worked on stomach, arms, and legs — we have little uniforms and need to be as toned as possible! We did a ton of crunches, arm exercises and lunges, which you will see in the video! I think Michael the Editor did a great job of keeping up the fast pace of the Flight Crew workout.

After our workout, we headed to the studio for dance time! It was exciting to see the lighting and cameras set up! I felt like a host of a show and loved it!!

The dance part was the real challenge for Michael. I taught him choreography from one of the dances we perform out on the field for all the fans. It took him a little time to get the moves, but in the end ... he did it well!

Everyone at Maxim was so nice, and Michael was a real trouper and did an excellent job!! It was so much fun, and such an awesome opportunity!


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