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AMANDA: Some Style Do's and Don'ts

Hey, Jets fans!!

Amanda here from the Flight Crew Cheerleaders! As a part of the squad, we get asked all the time what our style inspirations are, and what our do's and don'ts are for fashion and makeup. So I am going to give you some helpful tips for every occasion which will help you achieve the celebrity style you are looking for!


DO — Always choose one thing you want to wear the most, whether it is your favorite pants, shoes or top. Starting with one item you are in the mood to wear will always make it easier and quicker to pick out the rest of your outfit.

DO — Try to pair skinny jeans or khakis with a looser top to even the look out. Wearing two things that are tight fitting will make you feel like your whole outfit is too tight. The only time you should put a tighter fitting top together with tight pants would be if you are pairing it with a jacket. Something like a blazer would work great!

DON'T — Wear too many colors. Pick one main color that you want seen in your outfit. Once you have picked the color, show it off with accessories or a scarf to highlight it even more. But don't pick more than one color as it will make your outfit look too busy.

DO —Think about the day ahead. Your schedule and who you will be seeing will help you pick out what your best and most appropriate outfit will be.

DO — Go to places like Forever 21 and H&M for your simpler things. Like a colored tank to go under another top, or a belt to match your outfit. Going to places like these will give you the necessary things to complete your look, without being too pricey.

DO — Keep a few button-down shirts and blazers in your closet. I get both items from places like J.Crew. These items are a great way to dress up a more casual look without being too dressy.

DON'T — Wear black with brown. Meaning, don't put a brown belt with a pair of black shoes. Always match your belt with your shoes as it will complete your look if they match.

DO — Use GOOGLE! Think of the celebrity style you most want to achieve. Google their style, and try to put together things from your own closet that look similar. I do this all the time! Personally, I often go for the Jennifer Aniston look. She takes casual pieces and pairs them with a nice pair of heels or boots to dress up the entire look a bit. She makes casual look comfortable yet classy all at the same time. This is a very helpful idea that will help you put together some of the best outfits you can come up with!


DO — Use a foundation that looks like you didn't put anything on at all. Using too much foundation can ruin your whole look. So always try to just use a light concealer and foundation to make it look like you rolled out of bed looking amazing.

DO — Think about what you will be wearing for the day. For your eye shadow, if you are wearing a more casual outfit, match that with a lighter color and liner so your makeup doesn't overpower your outfit. If you are going to work, you can pair your suit with a slightly darker shade of your normal day shadow. This way you won't seem washed out.

Lastly, if you are going out for a night on the town, you are free to have fun with your shadow, Everyone loves a smoky eye, so always go for that look. But as far as the darker colors you use, always pair them with the best colors for your eye color. (Hint: Blue eyes look best with deep maroon and brown-colored shadows. Green eyes look best with brown- and bronze-colored shadows. And brown eyes can use almost any color they want.)

DON'T — Match your eye shadow color with the main color of your outfit. The matching colors will be too overpowering. You want everyone to notice your great outfit and your naturally beautiful face, not all the colors going on around it.

DO — Always use a blush and bronzer. With your bronzer, create the number three. Start at your temple, then around to the right under your cheekbone, and around once more to right under your chin. This will highlight the best parts of your face! Use a light pink blush for day and a deeper pink for night. Smile and brush it right on the highest part of your cheek.

DON'T — Put a bold lip with a heavy eye. If you are wearing a bold eye or a smoky eye, don't put a bold red lip with it. Pick which look you want more and do your makeup based on that. With a bold eye use a lighter lip. And with a bold lip do a lighter eye.

DO — Use YOUTUBE! Like I said with your style, think of a celebrity you most want to emulate with your makeup, go to YouTube and look up a tutorial for that person. There are so many helpful makeup tutorials that you can pretty much get any look you want and make it look amazing!


DON'T — Use too much hair spray. Too much hair spray will make your hair look stiff. It should look touchable and like it took you 10 minutes tops to achieve it. The easier it looks, the better it is.

DO — Use products. Be careful with what you use, but things like anti-frizz and color protectant can help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.



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