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All Good Things

I can't believe the season is already over.

It seems as though it was just yesterday I was on the field, waiting for Nick Folk to kick the game winner against Tampa Bay on opening day.

Back then everything seemed like a dream to me. I was actually on the field, working for the Jets. It was real. Unfortunately as time goes on, the new car smell wears off and you grow accustomed to the new and the new is no longer new, it's the norm.

But the smell never faded for me, and this past week was perfect proof of that.

Sunday, Woody Johnson addressed the team in the locker room (a video I'm sure you have already seen) and informed them Rex Ryan would remain their coach in 2014. The players were taken by complete surprise and began cheering and celebrating their beloved head coach.

I wasn't in Miami, but my producer Jason was, and when I asked him to explain the moment he simply said "It was the greatest moment ever. That's all I got."

That's the thing, it's very difficult to explain what makes this team so special. But there is no denying that you can feel it.

Monday morning rolled around, a day I had been dreading for quite some time: it was the last time the media would meet with the players for the season. It was also the day they were saying farewell to one another and cleaning out their lockers.

In short, it was the last day the team would ever be exactly as I knew it to be.  Turnaround is inevitable and next season will be no different. Who knows what players, coaches or reporters will be here come August.

What is certain is that the team I have read endlessly about, the players I have interviewed and studied for months, the locker room I have been a part of almost every day, was coming to an end.

But all good things must come to an end.

And as the new car smell continues to linger, I'm fortunate that I can look back and say "It was the greatest moment ever. That's all I got." 

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