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6 Takeaways From Monday's Conference Calls

The Green & White Emphasize Closing Out Games


Common DenominatorThe Jets have lost four games this season and they've been outscored by a combined 47-13 in the second half of those losses. Head coach Todd Bowles discussed the second half struggles and there was only one theme from breaking down the film.

"They're all different in certain ways," he said about each defeat. "They're all different in certain games and they have all have their own identity. The common thread is we're not finishing games. Not for lack of effort or trying, but critical mistakes at different times."

Glass Half FullIn his postgame press conference Sunday, WR Brandon Marshall was full of positivity and expressed his excitement for the Jets' Week 6 battle at Arizona on Monday Night Football. On Monday, that trademark fire remained.

"What's funny about failure is that is failure speeds up the growth process. That's what I'm excited about," Marshall said. "We've had a lot of failure these past five games and we're growing rapidly. Because we have no choice and that's the awesome thing about failure."

Nothing NewS Marcus Gilchrist referenced his 2013 season in San Diego when asked about the team's ability to handle adversity. That Chargers team started the season 2-3 and eventually made the playoffs.

"You just have to keep fighting and keep pressing forward," Gilchrist said. "Get on a string of wins and get this thing started."

Two Sides of the CoinThe Jets offense is ranked No. 8 in the legaue in third down conversion rate, but the unit has struggled recently. Over the past two weeks, the offense has gone 2-12 on third down in the second half. 

"Well we have to take a hard look at that and figure it out because it has been a recurring problem," QB Ryan Fitzpatrick said. "That's something we're going to put a lot of focus into and make sure we're playing better in the second half because it hasn't come together for us the past couple of weeks."

Don't Forget About UsAfter starting extremely hot, the Jets' pass rush has cooled down. The unit sacked Bengals QB Andy Dalton seven times in the season opener, but has since brought down the opposing quarterback five times.

"We have to take it personal. When we get the chance to have a one-on-one, we have to win," DL Steve McLendon said. "Even if it's real quick, we have to make a move and beat them. When we do have to run to the ball and hit the guy with the ball extremely hard, do whatever it takes for the team to win."

InjuriesBowles said that the status of CB Darrelle Revis (ankle) and RG Brian Winters (concussion) is unknown for Wednesday's practice, but he did say Revis was "progressing." LB David Harris (hamstring) and C Nick Mangold (knee) both had MRIs and are dealing with soreness. Bowles said it is too early to know their status for Monday's game against Arizona. CB Darryl Roberts (shoulder) was scheduled to undergo an MRI.

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