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Jets Game Preview Podcast with Cynthia Frelund | Jets vs. Lions (S2E14)

Dec 15, 2022

It's Week 15 of the Game Preview Podcast with Ethan Greenberg and NFL Network Analytics Expert Cynthia Frelund, and the duo dives into all things Jets-Lions. They begin the first quarter talking about what has fueled the Lions' recent success (3:30) and dive deep into the home/road splits of Detroit's QB Jared Goff (4:30). In the second quarter, they discuss the play of Jets QB Mike White against the Bills (10:05) and predict what a good day statically would be for White against the Lions (13:53). In the third quarter, Frelund gives her take on running game for both teams (21:00). She also discusses the difference between Lions RBs Jamal Williams and DeAndre Swift (22:30).They finish in the fourth quarter talking about the play of the Jets rookies (24:00) and WR Garrett Wilson (25:56).