Jets Game Preview Podcast with Cynthia Frelund | Jets vs. Lions (S2E14)

It's Week 15 of the Game Preview Podcast with Ethan Greenberg and NFL Network Analytics Expert Cynthia Frelund, and the duo dives into all things Jets-Lions. They begin the first quarter talking about what has fueled the Lions' recent success (3:30) and dive deep into the home/road splits of Detroit's QB Jared Goff (4:30). In the second quarter, they discuss the play of Jets QB Mike White against the Bills (10:05) and predict what a good day statically would be for White against the Lions (13:53). In the third quarter, Frelund gives her take on running game for both teams (21:00). She also discusses the difference between Lions RBs Jamal Williams and DeAndre Swift (22:30).They finish in the fourth quarter talking about the play of the Jets rookies (24:00) and WR Garrett Wilson (25:56).