Jets Game Preview Podcast with Cynthia Frelund | Jets vs. Bengals (S2E3)

Week 3 of the Game Preview Podcast with Ethan Greenberg and NFL Network Analytics Expert Cynthia Frelund and the duo dive into the Jets-Bengals matchup. They begin the first quarter talking about the performance of 37-year-old Jets quarterback Joe Flacco in Week 2 (6:30) and how the Bengals defense's second-half adjustments have helped them this season (9:25). In the second quarter, they discuss what's led to Cincinnati's 0-2 start (11:45) and its offensive line struggles (14:45). In the third quarter, Cynthia gives her take on the Jets defensive line play (22:30) and how to defend the Bengals offense (25:30). They finish up the fourth quarter by talking about the big matchup between the Bengals wide receivers vs. the Jets cornerbacks (27:45), the breakout game last week for wide receiver Garrett Wilson and what it means for the Jets wide receiving corps (30:56).