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Understanding the Non-PSL $500 Deposit

We've received some inquiries about the non-PSL seat deposits at the New Jets Stadium. So let's take a couple of minutes to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. And if you need additional information, please feel free to call our folks at the New Jets Stadium sales center (800-469-JETS).

How much is the deposit required for a non-PSL seat?

$500 per seat. The entire upper bowl's 27,000 seats have no PSLs and require a deposit in order to reserve your selected seat location. The deposit will be credited against the balance of your 2010 ticket purchase, due May 1, 2010.

What is the process for selecting non-PSL seats?

Every season ticket holder should have received an email detailing the seat selection process and the deposit policy. Your Stadium Specialist will reach out (you will receive an email about two weeks before you are to receive your call to select) to guide you through your seat selection. We will offer the opportunity to choose seats in order of seniority — the year our records show that you became a season ticket holder. The Jets Box Office records date back to 1977.

When is the deposit due?

In order to secure your specific seat location, a credit card must be provided or a check mailed within 24 hours of selecting your seats for both non-PSL and PSL seats.

Why does the organization need deposits now for the 2010 season?

All seats in the new building require a deposit in order to hold your seat location(s). PSL seats require a deposit of 20 percent of your total PSL cost. Non-PSL upper level seats require a $500 per seat deposit in order to reserve your location. A deposit for seats without a PSL is necessary because the team wants to ensure that people are committed to the seats that they are buying.

What would be the harm if there wasn't a deposit for the non-PSL seats?

Deposits are required throughout the building for both PSL and non-PSL seats to ensure that fans seeking those seats actually complete their purchase. Without a deposit in place, people may commit to more seats than they will ultimately buy and therefore may reduce the available inventory to those with less seniority.

Once I receive a call from my Stadium Specialist, do I have any additional time to make a decision?

Because seat locations are being assigned immediately, they can only be secured with a deposit on a credit card or with a check mailed within 24 hours of your commitment.

Is the deposit refundable if I change my mind?


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