Taking a Lesson from Clark Griswold

I love Clark Griswold.

Christmas traditions are different in every family, but for Clark, Christmas is about family… and decorations. He excitedly worked all day to put Christmas lights on his house, then, after many struggles, he gathered his family to share the glory.

Of course, the lights don't turn on. People are disappointed but Clark doesn't give up. After some help from his wife, the lights turn on, the music comes on and smiles are shared by all.

That's the power of Christmas décor.

And that's the feeling I get every time I walk into the locker room now thanks to Nick Folk, Ryan Quigley and Tanner Purdum.

They have each adorned their locker rooms with Christmas lights (not nearly as many as Clark Griswold) and other knick-knacks.

While it's clear that Martha Stewart didn't influence their motif, Folk gets the gold and silver medal for both effort and execution, while Quigley and Purdum are stuck sharing bronze. Perhaps next year they will both step up their game and give Folk a little bit of healthy holiday competition.

The players also collaborated on a new member to the team: Saint Nick. So while reporters are poking around, gathering information, an 11-foot Santa Claus is looking down on them and judging if they're naughty or nice.

Gotta love the holiday season.

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