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Real Football Scouting Report: Offensive Tackles


Real Football Scouting Report: Offensive Tackles

Adrian Jones

Jones became a full-time starter in 2005 due in large part to his athleticism and mobility. He has quick feet and can move well laterally. He rarely gets beaten by speed rushers off the edge and can push pass rushers past the pocket with good leverage and sliding ability. He can reach the second level in the running game and has no trouble hitting the moving target. Jones is a hard-working, improving player who has the tools to develop into an above average NFL starter if he can improve his bulk and strength.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson

As a college player, Ferguson was nearly flawless in pass protection and could dominate in the running game with his unique combination of strength and athletic ability. He will be the opening day starter at LT. He has a lot of playing experience and possesses outstanding intangibles. He's smart, hard-working, and extremely talented in all facets of the position. With added bulk and lower body strength he has the makings of a perennial all-pro.

Marko Cavka

Cavka is quick and strong and a good athlete for a man his size. His long arms help keep defenders off his body in pass pro. His ability to move laterally allows him to force pass rushers wide. As a run blocker, his quick first step allows him to get into the defender's body and engulf opposing players at the LOS. He should benefit from a season in NFL Europe where the extra playing time and technique work should help him land a roster spot as a backup at OT.

Anthony Clement

A big, physical mauler in the running game, Clement can engulf defenders and has great natural strength. Has a good initial punch and uses his size to force edge rushers wide. Though he is not starting material, he is a solid backup player who can fill several roles along the O-line.

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